Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tips for RC Gasoline Cars

What is the significant difference between Gas Powered Remote Control Cars and also Electric Powered Ones? Now this particular is a extremely interesting one! Often when you read anything on the topic of remote controlled toys and automobiles you’ll either witness the term Gas Powered RC Cars or perhaps just remote control automobiles utilized. Often these terms are also used interchangeably (just like I do on this site).
So is there a real difference between what these two terms refer to?
To some degree this really goes down to whom you ask. Just check out out any of the forums in the internet and also you’ll see there are even often various varying views in the community themselves as to what the distinction really is.
Let’s start simply by evaluating the term Gas Powered RC Cars. This is generally acknowledged become short for ‘radio control’ and refers to your technical set up of the gadget in question which (maintaining this fairly simple) is essentially:
  • A ‘transmitter’ which try the hand held controller you use to control the direction, movement etc of on your gadget. Once you move a joystick on push your button on your hand held controller effectively converts this one movement into a message which is sent out as radio waves to your gadget.
  • A ‘receiver’ which rests interior your gadget to be controlled and receives the radio wave instructions sent starting the transmitter.
  • A ‘servo’ (or even more than one servo) what is passed the instructions from the receiver as well as in response towards these instructions will be sending an appropriate content to the motor (or motors) in your gadget.
  • A ‘motor’ (or even more than one motor) which once it receives is directions from the servo takes action to put those instructions entering effect e.g. makes your car competition forward or even backwards or turn left or appropriate etc.
If you’re after a more in depth explanation of all these different components and how they interact on a much more technical content then check this out
So in comparison to this very clear technical based understanding, exactly what does ‘remote control cars’ actually mean? Now this is in which a bit much more disagreement many times arises.
Unlike their very clear technical basis we have to define the term Gas Powered Remote Control Cars anytime this comes to radio control we are much more looking at a descriptive term which on its most widely accepted meaning pertains to any method of controlling one toy, vehicle or some other device from a distance.
So this could refer to methods of control such as by wires, by infrared (as plenty of the cheaper products today use very effectively) or even arguable by RC as of program when you use an RC transmitter to operate a vehicle you are nonetheless operating it from a length.
Therefore while all RC gadgets could be seen towards be ‘remote control’ not all ‘radio control’ gadgets have the necessary technical make up towards try to be considered gasoline rc car gadgets.
BUT increasingly people utilize your terms interchangeably (even I have a tendency to on this place) and in all honesty it doesn’t really matter unless of course you are looking in buying and they are really specifically after many concerning the advantages radio control may have during some of the other forms of remote control. In these cases ensure you do spend some time hunting on detail behind the label used to make sure you are definitely really getting what you want.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Signs from the Universe

Signs from the Universe

Signs from the universe come to us in many ways. Another name for this is intuition. Our intuition is the way we access information from God, the universe, or our higher selves. Our intuition is truly the roadmap of our lives. We are all born with this ability. The more we trust and work with our intuition, the clearer the messages become.
What does intuition mean? It means insight or perception without reasoning. How many times have you had a gut feeling about something and you find out later you were right? How many times have you thought about someone and in the next moment that person called you? How many times do you know something to be true without any evidence? You find out later you were right. This all relates to our intuition. We are moving from the information age that is based on our mind and computers to the intuition age. Given all the challenges on our planet today, it is most important we tap into our intuition for guidance and inspiration.
There are four main ways of accessing our inner guidance. The first way is claircognizance which means "clear knowing." This relates to knowing something without any evidence. For example, the first time I met my husband a thought came into my head, "We will be married." At the time, I had no evidence to support that thought. Anyone would have thought I was crazy! However, I believe it was a message from someplace other than my little self. Maybe it was from my guardian angels or my higher self or from the universe. It doesn't even matter and it did come true!
The next way we access our guidance is called clairsentience which means "clear feeling." A lot of people naturally have this. This is when you might say, "I have a strong feeling I am going the wrong way or this place does not feel right." Our gut feelings communicate to us how something feels. It can be a positive feeling or a negative feeling. When the feeling is negative, pay attention to your intuition and change your plans! When the feeling is positive, everything feels completely right and you are sure you are making the right decision based on your gut feelings.
The third way we access information is called clairaudience which means "clear hearing." This is one of my main ways of getting information. I hear messages while hiking or when I completely absorbed in a project. Before I came out to the West coast, I looked through a fitness magazine and saw an advertisement that the Golden Door Health Spa was looking for instructors. I heard a loud voice in my head say, "Call them." From that moment on, my life changed dramatically. They invited me out for an interview 3000 miles from my home and I got the job. My life has never been the same. I have never looked back on my decision to go to California from the east coast. I continue to get many clear messages today for myself and others. The more we trust, the louder and clearer this voice becomes.
The last way of getting divine guidance is through our vision or clairvoyance, which means "clear vision". Clairvoyance is receiving a message in a mental picture, a visual image, a dream, or a movie in your minds' eye. One day I was driving and a friend was asking me my thoughts on her moving to Reno. She felt really good about it, but had a lot of fears. In the next moment a big truck drove by with a huge sign on it that said "RENO". I knew in that moment that it was a sign confirming that she was destined to go to Reno. Almost a year later she is thrilled she made that decision.
I also get information all the time in dreams. At one point in my life, I was working on a children's metaphysical story. I needed information about heaven for the story. Since I could not figure out how to handle this part of the book, before bed one night I wrote out a prayer to find a way to get the information that I was missing. I went to sleep with the journal under my head. I dreamt about a tall man with white hair who was leading me somewhere.
During this time I was on a scouting trip and I hiked down the mountain and camped out for a few days by myself. About three days later all the scouts and their parents came back to where I was camping. One of them in particular asked me what I did while I was by myself. I told him I went hiking, wrote in my journal, and worked on my children's story. He asked me about the story and I told him that I was missing some information about heaven. He said, "I have the perfect books for you. They will fill in all the blanks." I looked up at him and realized he was tall and had white hair. He was the man in my dream! When I got home, he brought over the books and sure enough they were perfect.
So, there are many ways to receive signs from the universe. Stay open to life, to the world around you, to your gut feelings and to your dreams. Life is not separate parts, but one ocean connected together in many ways. Learn to experience the ocean of love and wisdom coming to you through your intuitive senses.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Turkey's Gul Approves Law Tightening Internet Controls

Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan said earlier on Tuesday evening the government would present to parliament the Internet law amendments once Gul had given his approval. Under the changes, permission for authorities to access Internet traffic data will require a court order. Telecom authorities will have to seek a court ruling within 24 hours if they block access to Internet material on privacy grounds. POLITICAL AMBITION Gul has made little secret of his desire to return to mainstream politics and is seen as a future leader of the AKP, an ambition his critics say leaves him too wary of conflict with Erdogan to act as an effective check on his power. "Gul wants to serve as president for a second term and has the desire to chair the AKP after Erdogan, so even if he does not fully agree, he is approving controversial regulations from the party," political analyst Atilla Yesilada said in a report. The battle for control of the High Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK), which appoints senior members of the judiciary, lies at the heart of a feud between Erdogan and influential U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen. Gulen, whose followers say they number in the millions, is believed to have built up influence in the police and judiciary over decades and leads a powerful worldwide Islamic movement from a forested compound in the United States. Erdogan blames Gulen, a former ally who helped cement AK Party support over the past decade, for unleashing the graft investigation he sees as an attempted "judicial coup" meant to undermine him in the run-up to local and presidential elections this year. The cleric denies any such role. Gul is seen as enjoying more support from Gulen's network of sympathisers, who have more pro-democratic and reformist views, than does Erdogan, whose stand on issues from abortion to alcohol they see as unnecessary interference in private life.
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Monday, February 17, 2014

how To Make Women Laugh And Feel Attracted To You

Today I want to quickly cover a SIMPLE, but very effective technique that guys use to create attraction with the women you meet:


Whenever they do one of those polls asking what women want in a man, humor ALWAYS comes up in the top 3.

And if you looked carefully at any 'attract and seduce' course, you'll find that most of the information covers laughter and how it builds attraction.

Whether it's called cocky-funny, teasing, negging or sarcasm, HUMOR is critical to your success with women.

But many guys get it completely wrong when they try to be funny around women.

In order to get them laughing and attracted at the same time, you have to understand the principles. That's why it's important to follow these 4 RULES of humor:

=====> RULE #1: Don't be a Clown

Being funny NEVER means acting like a clown.

Acting this way will make you seem like you're doing a "Try Hard". This is when a guy is obviously trying to make a woman laugh.

This will lowers your social status and makes you seem like you're desperately seeking her approval. Furthermore, when you do slap-stickey humor, women will be laughing…

But it'll be AT you, not WITH you.

Sure, comedians can get women laughing, but they almost never get laid!

=====> RULE #2: Tease Her

5th Graders can be pretty smart sometimes. At this age, if a boy likes a girl, he'll pull her hair and call her names.

Now I don't recommend pulling her hair (for now), but TEASING women is probably the best way to use humor. This doesn't mean being a jerk. Instead it's about treating her in a way that shows you're NOT afraid to be yourself and tease her.

You can tease her by:

• Giving her a nickname
• Mocking her voice
• Playfully messing with the things she's saying

Teasing a woman is a great way to assume familiarity. If you just met her, and you're ALREADY teasing her, this can help you quickly break down that uncomfortable period where you're getting to know one another.

=====> RULE #3: Use Your Body Language

Look at the great comedians and you'll see a common pattern...They all know how to use their entire body to tell a joke. They'll make facial expressions, use props, gesture with their hands and use EVERYTHING they've got to make people laugh.

Again, you don't want to be a clown around women. But remember your BODY LANGUAGE can add congruence to the things you're saying. So as you're teasing her, you want to establish physical contact in a way that's showing that you're a guy who is not afraid to play around with her.

This can include:

• Playfully swatting her
• Pushing her away, then pulling her back into a hug
• Doing games like 'thumb war', and 'hand slapping'

The point here is to use your humor to break the touch barrier while making her laugh at the same time!

=====> RULE #4: Do Other Things

Humor should be a spice that flavors a conversation. It shouldn't be the main course.

When you're ONLY teasing and making women laugh, you're NOT showing the other parts of your personality. That's why it's important to do other things that'll help you build and maintain attraction.

So while you're making her laugh, you also want to:

• Establish physical contact
• Build deep rapport
• Tell stories
• Ask her questions

Doing all of these things will help you seem more well-rounded and interesting!

When it comes to creating attraction, humor can be your MOST effective tool when you're talking to a woman. So make sure you're getting it right! By following these 4 rules, you'll create that fun, flirty vibe that's always helps you get the girl.